Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Best Friends

Hello guys, long time no see with my posting right?
Hahahaha in this section, i would like to tell you more about 'Best Friends' and i hope you like it;)

In the absence of our friends will be alone in this world. We need socialization and socialization in every personality we would assess the proficiency level. Of the assessment we can feel the difference and similarities between them. That's when we can make friends, friends who are always there both joy and sorrow.

Friends never demand anything from you, that was a true friend. Friends will always be loyal to us everywhere, always willing to listen to all our vent and always patient in dealing with our mood. They never complain when we are angry, they never leave us when we are sad and they are always there until whenever though you are not together anymore. That's a true friend.

It is time we should choose friends who are worthy of ours. Do not like to pick and choose your friends, because it's not good. Friendship that flows is without discriminating each other. So Liaise friendship with anyone as long as the person is kind to us and did not give a negative impact to us. And someday when you have a family you can talk about things that you are happy with your friends. So give thanks to your friends.

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