Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

What Do You Think?

Dear someone, I have made this post for you.  Check it out;')
One day I dream of meeting someone. in the dream I was very happy with him, but in real life I'd known. Then I started to really fall in love with him because he's apparently a close friend of one of my friends. I know it is very hard to hide these feelings from the people around me, so I decided to make known to those certain people. After I knew him again via twitter I think he's a good kid, I felt he was very friendly to everyone but at that point I just saw that his account without follow him. To get too want to know more, I was trying to follow him. I also ventured to start him, but something bad happened. He loves someone else, someone who is far prettier than me, someone who is a dream for everyone. I was heartbroken, I began to feel that I did not get to him because he already loves someone else. but still there is a hope of me saying that I should not give up. I finally had to die trying desperately to get closer until finally my efforts come to fruition, I felt he was pretty close to me when he started talking ventured to just talk to me, but it did not last long. I think he knows that I love him, and I also know that he loves another. Finally he tried to get away from me, I started to hurt again. At that point I felt very stupid have fallen in love with someone who loves someone else. I let myself get hurt too badly for love. I'm too good for him. If I could choose, I'd love to be in the middle of the people I love than amid those who hurt me. Now all just a memory, I wish I could forget it as soon as possible. Hoping to get someone much better than him, as soon as I try to move on and will not look back at events that have occurred in the past. Having survivors have fun with people you love and thank God for having given me a huge ordeal so I can be tremendous patience, tremendous strength and also keep smiling even though the person was hurt.



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